The Grapevine

Processes, Best Practices, and Video Training

February 6th, 2018

Getting your wine shop staff to read through a thick, thickly written training manual may be tougher than pulling teeth. There’s a better way. [level-members]

Training is critical. Not only can it help you directly increase sales, it can also help you not lose sales you would have otherwise made. Sales floor mistakes can be costly, so training for what you define as your shop processes and policies will help you maintain a consistent experience for customers every time they walk through the door.

The videos you create can cover everything from appropriate dress, how to open and close the shop each day, inventory issues, PoP displays and of course, operating the register. It would be wise to include instructions on interacting with difficult customers and folks attempting to buy underage.

Build a library of these videos and review them from time to time. No doubt, you’ll find ways to improve the things you do now without thinking. If you’re a larger shop with a larger staff, you might consider putting these videos into a simple learning management system that allows you to create quizzes. New hires should be able to demonstrate mastery.

Finally, the videos can be used to generate written checklists that staff can review as they tackle a new task in the store.

Quick note: if your staff is just you or you and a few family members, you may think video training isn’t for you, but going through the process of talking about what you do and why you do it can be very enlightening. If you’re losing customers, do this now!