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Wine Shop Owners Should be Looking Over Their Shoulders

February 13th, 2018

Yes, you’ve already got a job in the wine world so why would you read an article like [level-members]The Best Courses to Help You Land a Job in Wine?

Because knowing what the up-and-comers are up to is a great way to stay on top of your game.

Knowing what the market values – what skills and “certifications” are being sought out – helps you step out of the bubble that can be your own shop and stay current with the broader market. It’s too easy to think you’ve got it all figured out because, well, you do have it all figured out – in your corner of the world.

But the wine world is a much bigger place, and the internet brings that big place right to your doorstep (and the doorsteps of all your best customers), so go out of your way to keep up with the broader trends. [/level-members]