The Grapevine

Tracking Consumer Wine Preferences

May 1st, 2018

How are you staying on top of what your wine shop customers really want? And are likely to want next? [level-members]

As this Wine Business article makes clear, consumer tastes change over time. That’s nothing a quick look back through the family photo album couldn’t tell you. (Get a load of those collars and those hair-dos!) But it does raise the question: how are you staying on top of what your customers really want? And how confident are you that you know what they’re likely to want next.

Reading outside sources is an excellent start, but you should also be talking to colleagues if you can, restaurant owners and sommeliers, and of course, your customers.

Your customers will always tell you what they want, if only you’ll ask. And they might tell you what they think you want to hear rather than what they really want, so you have to listen carefully and ask gently, but if you can combine that with other sources, you’ll be able to stay out in front of changing tastes.

And don’t forget that many of your best customers will also look to you as a thought leader – and that gives you the opportunity to have an impact on changing tastes. Use your power wisely! [/level-members]