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Wine Industry News – 7/6/15

July 6th, 2015

There was plenty going on in the wine world last week, even as most of the country geared up for the holiday weekend. Here’s a sampling of the more notable stories we’ve come across. [level-members]

Women as Wine Gurus
Women are increasingly becoming a regular presence in the ranks of top-tier sommeliers. Though there are still only 32 female Master Sommeliers – of 229 worldwide – their ranks are growing both in the most rarefied ranks and in the number of positions being held by women in wine-centric restaurants. As the article says,

The venerable somm stereotype of a snooty, balding French guy with a silver taste-vin hanging from a chain around his neck is thankfully long gone.

You can read the full article here.

Master Sommeliers in Boston
Speaking of Master Sommeliers, Boston’s population of “MS”-ranked wine folks has just increased by two. As the article makes clear, it’s no mean feat to achieve the MS designation. Interestingly, it’s not all about being able to identify wines in a blind tasting – though that’s certainly a part of the process. General industry knowledge is also required, as is basic table-side skills. Read the full article here.

South African Wines on the Rise
From the UK, we hear about the growth and maturity of the wine industry in South Africa, which we’ve certainly seen stateside. I’m not sure South Africa is the “most thrilling” wine destination on the planet but it’s certainly a very worthy mix of bold experimentation and hewing to longstanding tradition. This article is worth a read, including the recommended South African wines. Read the full article here.