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Pairing Food with Sauvignon Blanc

August 14th, 2015

From Panzanella to chicken or pork chops, there’s a Sauvignon Blanc out there to match what your wine shop customers are cooking. [level-members]

Our mention of a Smart Buy Sauvignon Blanc in our piece yesterday about the latest issue of Wine Spectator got us in the mood to uncork a bottle of the white stuff. Here are a few ideas for pairings.

It being summertime doesn’t hurt since many Sauvignon Blancs are vegetable friendly, particularly green vegetable friendly. That big, mid-week summer salad is a great pairing, especially if you don’t go too bold on your vinegar-based dressing. (Butter and cream-based dressing aren’t necessarily going to work so well here.)

Fish, particularly flaky white fish varieties, and chicken can also pair well. If you’re doing a fish fry, you should definitely consider a Sauvignon Blanc.

And dog. Well, not really, but we got your attention. Dog as in dog days: There are those who claim that nothing is better than Sauvignon Blanc for beating those brutally humid dog days of August.