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Appealing to the Younger Generation – and Others

August 18th, 2015

Is there anything to be learned form one wine producer who is appealing to the younger generation of consumers in a rather unusual way. [level-members]

One of the main truths of website design is captured in the title of Steve Krug’s great book: Don’t Make Me Think. And yet, that’s exactly what Australian Vintage Limited is asking people to do with their new You wines.

These wines go the anti-branding route, with their packaging and display focusing on what kind of consumer would (according to the brand itself) be attracted to each of the bottlings in the brand’s line.

It’s still branding, but it’s branding done in a way that resonates with he 21-30 year old crowd who are very much NOT interested in being sold. Here’s a look at the You brand in a retail environment.

So, is there a lesson here for wine retailers in the US? Yes.

First, when it comes to running your business be willing to do something unexpected. It can feel like a risk to be out of step with your competitors and neighbors, but it can also be incredibly liberating.

Before you take the leap into the unexpected, do as AVL has done and identify the customer you’re hoping to attract with your unexpected leap. If it’s appealing to that group, there’s no point in pushing boundaries.

Once you do decide to take the leap, don’t do it half-heartedly. You don’t have to give over your whole business to a particular audience segment, but be sure to think through what attracting that audience means in terms of what you stock, how you market, even your merchandising and shop display. Get their attention, make them comfortable, and you’ll gain their trust enough to make them customers.