The Grapevine

Personalization for Wine Shop Retailers

October 27th, 2015

One more piece of evidence that local retail is doing something right. [level-members]

Well, at least local retailers have the potential to do something right.

That something is providing personalized service. The other day, a local retailer delivered to my house a bottle of scotch for my birthday. (It was one of those “ends in zero” birthdays.) This wasn’t just any bottle of scotch, but a bottle I happen to love. And scotch isn’t something I’ve ever bought from this retailer. But he was listening. And knew that even though I buy wine from him, I love scotch.

And that’s the difference between personalization that works and personalization that is creepy. Creepy is the advertising that pops up all over the web after you’ve going to and searched for, say, a ladder. Especially a week later after you’ve already bought the ladder you need.

Personalization that works can tell the difference between the occasional purchase you make as a gift for someone else and the purchases that are really a part of your regular habits.

That’s the personalization you should strive for you in your shop, in your wine clubs, on your website and in any one-to-one social media activity. Trends, data, and aggregate information are all important elements in knowing how your business is running, but keeping things personal is the key to succeeding – online and on “Main Street” – as a small retailer. [/level-members]