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Content Ideas for Wine Shop Marketing: Serialize, Part Two

November 4th, 2015

Last week, we talked about one way to make publishing a steady stream of useful content easier by creating broad topic areas under which you could publish articles each week. (Kind of like we publish industry news on Mondays, business tips on Tuesdays, Marketing on Wednesday, and so on. [level-members]

The example we gave was a beginner’s guide to wine. Lots of ground you can cover there, and I’m sure you could think of a dozen topics off the top of your head. If you publish that once a month, you’ve got the year covered – for one day a month, anyway … what about the rest of the month. Well, how about a guide for what you might call “the wine lifestyle.”


This could be articles like this article about eco-travel, or articles about various wine regions, or particularly wine-friendly restaurants, or a guide to fine wine and dining in various cities around the country or world. (Including your own!)

Again, a quick search of “The Google” will give you a year’s worth of ideas in just a few minutes. Yes, you still have to write enough copy to make the content your own, but the hard part – coming up with good ideas – is a whole lot easier if you systematize and serialize.