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Wine Stories to Share with Your Wine Shop Customers

August 11th, 2016

This week’s collection of wine stories to share with your wine shop customers and online followers and fans includes a Hatfields and McCoys moment in France, a cult wine that just may live up to the hype, and a defense of the much derided International style. [level-members]

The Telegraph in the UK gives us a story of “fury and arson” in the vineyards of Southern France. It seems there may be some “foreign” grapes in amongst the hallowed French vines … Read the full article here.

While we’re in France, let’s head on over to the Loire, our favorite wine region, and check out a cult wine that just might be all that an a bag of chips as its admirers claim. The Wall Street Journal article is here.

And finally, we have a defense of the generally un-admired “International Style” from Matt Kramer at Wine Spectator. And along the way we learn a little something about the wines of┬áthe Canary Islands. The full article is here. [/level-members]