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Wine Industry News – August 15, 2016

August 15th, 2016

Losing confrontations in France and on Long Island’s North Fork. What the Brexit might mean for US wine producers. Why microbiologists are really cool. And just how do you run up $70m in debt? (I’m guessing it wasn’t just for the points …) [level-members]

Protesters Flood a French Town with Wine
First of all, who knew there could be a “militant group of winemakers?” CRAV, the aforementioned militant group, is “has been alarmed by cheap imports” and is taking action. This attack – there have been others – took place in the Languedoc, which is one of France’s largest wine producing regions. You can read the full BBC article here.

When Great Wine Is Not Enough
Back on domestic shores, you may not have to fight militant winemakers, but that doesn’t mean the government is going to make things easy for you. The New York Times article tells of a successful vineyard on Long Island’s North Fork that is shutting down, unable to expand their operation because of zoning laws. Sad story, though it’s tough to fault the town goverment for enforcing what amounts to sensible regulations. You can draw your own conclusions from the article here.

Microbiology and Wine
From Jancis Robinson, we get this article about the great work microbiologists are doing in the wine industry. The article gets a little technical, but it’s worth the read.

Brexit as Opportunity
Does the impending Brexit mean good things for California wine producers (and other American wineries, I’d argue) seeking to expand in or into the UK? Currency issues and other elements cloud the picture, as told by Liza Zimmerman on Wine Searcher. Read the full article here.

Grand Cru’s Shocking Debt Total
$70 million is a lot of money. Interesting to ask how the proprietor amassed so much debt. Even more interesting is wondering where all of that money has gone. Read the full article here.