The Grapevine

Establishing Trust for Wine Shop Owners

August 16th, 2016

Today, we offer an encore look at a popular post from 2013. It’s message still applies today. 

The biggest hurdle in attracting new customers is gaining their trust. Why should they trust that you’ve got their best interests at heart? Nobody else does. Why should they believe that you’ve stocked your shop with interesting wines at fair prices?

If you catch them in the right mood, they may be willing to take a chance. If not, the money you’ve spent getting their attention with advertising or marketing may be wasted.

Is there a short-cut to establishing that trust?  [level-members]Not really, but you might be able to get the trust they have in someone else to rub off on you. We’ll talk about social media in other posts, but today let’s talk about cross-promoting with other local businesses.

For example, you may approach a local restaurant and offer to provide a discount coupon to their best customers. (Or suggest a promotion that benefits you both, like a “stay in, go out” birthday bash that includes specials at the restaurant and in your shop so they can celebrate their birthday twice, once out on the town and once at home with close friends.)

They get to provide value to their best customers at no cost, and you get the implied endorsement of a restaurant that the clients already know and like.  [/level-members]