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Wine Shop Marketing: Encouraging Wine-Related Vacations

August 17th, 2016

It’s the height of vacation season for many of us in the U.S. so what better time to talk about travel and vacations related to wine. It can be great fodder for your online content. [level-members]

Many of your wine shop customers will probably have already hit the bigger hotspots of California and perhaps New York’s North Fork on Long Island, so making recommendations that might be a bit different, is a good idea.

You can make recommendations both near and far – no matter where your shop and customers are located: there’s wine being grown in every one of these United States. (Though how vacation-worthy each state’s wine region is varies – a lot.)

And you can even suggest Mexico, where the Baja Penninsula has a burgeoning wine scene and an established tourism infrastructure. (It ain’t Tijuana, if that’s what you’re expecting.)

At the very least, travel-related themes give you the opportunity to talk about the wines of a region even for those folks who aren’t interested in traveling there. (Or about similar wines worth trying if you don’t stock, say, wines of Mexico …) And if you dive in a bit deeper, you can really gain fans if customers use your suggestions as their jumping off point for planning a memorable vacation.