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Wine Articles Worth Sharing – November 17, 2016

November 17th, 2016

From California to Maryland back to California, with a side trip to the less appealing side of biodynamic farming in Oregon, we cover the most interesting wine stories out there this week. [level-members]

Creating a California Original
A California original – Randall Grahm – and his quest to create a California original wine. The story is in the Sacramento Bee.

Maryland Wines
From the other side of the country, an argument in favor of wines from Maryland. With a climate similar to the Loire Valley, it stands to reason that once the local industry matures, they should be turning out some pretty fine wines. Read the full story here. It’s from Tasting Table.

California’s Bordeaux
Another claim on a wine region being the US’ answer to a venerable French region. Paso Robles gets the nod here and, despite it not being pronounced as it looks like it should, has its proximity to LA in its favor. At least, according to The OC Register.

Biodynamic Farming Goes to Sh*t
Literally. How burying a cow horn full of cow manure is all part of the process, at least as imported to Oregon from Austria. The full article is on the Willamette Week website.