The Grapevine

Pairing Wine with Grilled Food

May 19th, 2017

It’s getting to be that time of year: grilling season. Here’s a look at how to pair wines with grilled foods of every stripe. [level-members]

Rule number one of pairing wine with grilled foods – with ANY foods – is to drink what you like. Don’t follow “the rules,” even my rules. Make your own.

Basic rules of thumb, like lighter wines with lighter fare, still apply, but it’s been my experience that more grilled foods pair well with lighter wines than they might if prepared slightly differently indoors.

That said, think about the sauces, rubs and marinades you’re using. They’ll dictate, far more than the protein underneath, what wines will work well.

The more protein-dense your dish is, the drier your wine should be.

And don’t forget that you can create great pairings by “bridging” between wine and dish by using wine in the dish!

Get out there and grill!