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Food & Wine Pairing: Rosé and Grilled Food

June 2nd, 2017

It’s grilling season, so we keep coming back to wines that pair well with grilled foods. Surprisingly for many, rosé isn’t just for sipping poolside. It pairs with a wide range of foods. [level-members]

While you may already be developing “pink-fatigue,” the rosé train seems to still be picking up speed. And while that inevitably leads to some questionable marketing – and questionable wine – it also leads to some interesting wines.

As this article from Bloomberg Pursuits points out,

The new trend … is the rise of rich, exotic rosés from unfamiliar and unexpected grapes and lesser-known corners of France, Italy, Spain, and the New World.

Those “rich, exotic” wines pair well with a lot more than simple finger foods during cocktail hour. They’ll stand up to hearty grilled foods, even steaks.

As always, it’s more in the prep than in the protein, so be wary of blanket statements about rosés pairing well with anything you might grill.

Full disclosure: we haven’t tried most of the wines listed in the Bloomberg article, but all sound interesting enough to try, especially with food. Whether you stock these or not, you should be on the lookout for pink wines you can recommend for more than summertime sipping.