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Wine Industry News – June 19, 2017

June 19th, 2017

Labor issues in the US continue, France negotiants face other problems, and you can now become a Master Interpener. Think Master Sommelier, but for pot. [level-members]

The wine industry continues to face labor issues, mainly from the growing legal cannabis industry and the uncertain regulatory climate at the national level. Neither of those issues seem to be going away anytime soon, though certainty in the one (regulatory) could increase supply to meet demand for both the LCI and wine industry.

Due to labor shortage, female workers are a growing presence in Napa vineyards

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Meanwhile, in France, the industry faces other problems. Stories indicate that a number of Bordeaux négociant are seeking outside capital. That can’t be good news, especially when the industry is hardly in dire straits overall.

Back in the states, a Colorado operation has created a program to certify the cannabis equivalent of master sommeliers. The Trichome Institute’s “interpening” program is aimed at teaching how to interpret terpenes, which are what give marijuana its distinct aroma. Read more about this “high school” here.