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Is Traditional Wine Retail Dying?

June 20th, 2017

Could be. If so, it’s a slow death, since we’re all still here and the article asking this question is something I unearthed from 2015! [level-members]

This isn’t a story of big box retailers, online behemoths, and supermarket chains eating our lunch. This is much broader than that. This is the story of consumer expectations changing as some larger retails who are being decimated by the internet react to that challenge.

One of the ways they’re reacting is by creating a different experience for their retail customers. From retail as entertainment – stores like the M&M Store or The ESPN Zone, for example – to smaller efforts like a wine shop sharing space with an old-school butcher, retailers are either doing what they can out of desperation or they’re getting out in front of a tsunami they see heading their way.

What are you doing to ensure your shop is still here in 10 years? Reading this article might be a good start.