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Wine Stories Worth Sharing – August 3, 2017

August 3rd, 2017

Getting that “I’ve been drinking feeling” without the hassle of drinking, opinions, on oak, more than you thought you’d want to know about airlines and their wines. [level-members]

Want that I’ve been drinking feeling without drinking? This article promises it: 7 Facts About Wine’s History So Strange They’ll Make You Feel Tipsy.

How do you feel about oak? This guy has an opinion. A strong one.

Kind of cool to learn in this piece about airlines and their wines that Emirates Airlines has some 3.8 million bottles of wine in its cellar and that Qantas is the 3rd largest purchaser of wine in Australia. (Who are 1 and 2?) Not that it makes me any more eager to fly these days … 

Wine Spectator tells us that moderate drinking is good for us. Unbiased source aside, I imagine it’s all in how one defines moderate … 

Oily, with a hint of rebellion. I assume that’s what gin with old Harley Davidson parts in it would taste like.