The Grapevine

Let Someone Else Make Your Mistakes

October 24th, 2017

As Amazon announces that Amazon Wine is being shuttered, I’m reminded that it pays to let other people make your mistakes. [level-members]

You may not have the army of lawyers that the big boys do, and the ability to even attempt to change the legislative landscape as Amazon has done, but you should be hiring experts to gain the value of their knowledge and experience. In other words, pay them so they can keep you from making the mistakes they’ve seen other clients make. 

That’s true for lawyers, plumbers, electricians, marketing consultants (ahem!), accountants and others. Rarely will you be able to do things outside your core competency faster and less expensively than an expert. (That is, if you’re smart enough to place monetary value on your own time. It’s not free, even if you treat it that disrespectfully.) 

Hire the pros, benefit from their expertise, and focus your efforts on knowing more about your market, your product, and your message than anyone else in your business.