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Wine Industry News for October 30, 2017

October 30th, 2017

More bad news from California, and new bad news from Spain and Portugal, which are dealing with their own fire issues. Also changes to interstate shipping of wine, and more on the shuttering of Amazon Wine. [level-members]

Haven’t we had enough bad news? And enough with wildfires? Spain and Portugal are being ravaged at the moment, with loss of life and property already mounting.

Speaking of which, the fires are out, but California is still picking up the pieces¬†and managing what will be a massive cleanup effort.¬†Beyond the human side of the tragedy, there is business. And though it may seem crass to focus on the numbers so soon, it’s not just business: it’s people’s lives. Here are perspectives from The Atlantic and from the New York Times.

In other news, interstate shipping of wine has taken a hit. And we have another story on the demise of Amazon Wine. One wonders whether it will be temporary or if the regulators will win in the end.