The Grapevine

Finding Your Wine Tribe

October 31st, 2017

Who would you rather have as a customer in your wine shop – the casual wine drinker who buys regularly enough, but really just because wine is an expected part of every social occasion and a frequent hostess gift when they are invited out? Or, the passionately enthusiastic – even obsessive – wine nut who buys to explore and enjoy and maybe infect friends with his or her illness? [level-members]

Perhaps casual wine drinker is your target. If so, no need to read further. If the zealous wine fan is your preference, why aren’t you doing more to attract them? 

They are probably consuming some subset of the usual suspects – the wine (and food and wine) websites and magazines that wine lovers flock to. And while you can’t easily or inexpensively replicate their best features, you can build your own small wine community via social media and email – and your website – to acknowledge that passion and direct it toward your shop. 

Encourage conversation, create opportunities for interaction, and put your own passion on display for your customers. Sure, you’ll alienate a few when you cop to not being a big fan of, say, California Cabernet, but you’ll also find your tribe – the folks who prefer old world style wines and who will become your best customers. 

The casual wine fans will still show up. No need to turn them away. But really no need to tailor your marketing to them, either. [/level-members]