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Wine Industry News for November 6, 2017

November 6th, 2017

Fires and undocumented workers, bad weather and labor disputes create (unrelated shortages), and while winemakers work on managing alcohol levels, we wonder whether that would have saved a Long Island winery from being shut down. [level-members]

The fires are out, but the pain continues not only for homeowners, and winery owners, but also for field workers who may be undocumented.

What if legalized marijuana means lower wine consumption?  Constellation isn’t taking any chances, and is taking a stake in Canopy.

When too much is too much: how winemakers are managing alcohol levels in their wines.

There are bad neighbors and their are bad neighbors. These bad neighbors are gone – and they went out with a rager.

Less wine all around as 2017 looks to be the lowest production in over 50 years.

Coincidentally, supplies are running low in NYC, though that’s because of a distributor labor dispute.