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More Wine-Industry Trickle-Down Marketing Tech

November 7th, 2017

No, you’re probably not going to create an AR app of your own, but you certainly can take advantage of their existence. Ultimately, you need to elevate a visit to your wine shop from a transaction to an experience. [level-members]

At The Robb Report says, The Macallan Augmented Reality App Gives Fans a New Perspective on Their Favorite Whisky. The novelty of this makes it worth stocking a bottle just to show it off to visitors. There are wines with interactive labels, as well.

The goal is not to focus on gimmickry – the wine or booze has to be good – but to focus on the whole experience. Pehraps traditionalists aren’t going to be interested, but more tech-savvy (and perhaps younger) folks will be.

All of which brings us back to the idea of working hard to attract the audience you want. You can’t appeal to everyone, so don’t even try. [/level-members]