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Wine Stories Worth Sharing for March 22, 2018

March 22nd, 2018

When it comes to wine, do you care too much? Do you know too little about tannins? Which celebrities make the best wine? And when it comes to noses and wine glasses, how far is too far? We have the answers. [level-members]

Whatever you think you know about tannins, forget it. Here’s the real story on tannins.

Drew Barrymore or Angelina Jolie? No, this isn’t one of those execrable frat-house surveys. They’re both on the list of Vivino’s list of best celebrity wineries.

“If it gets stuck, you’re too far in.” There are better answers to the question, how far into the wine glass should you stick your nose when tasting?

More from Medium’s series on why people hate wine. This time around, How Much Should You Care About Wine?